University of Hyderabad Centres

Updated on: Mar 13, 2013
The University of Hyderabad has following centres.

University of Hyderabad Specialized Centres

  1. University Centre for Earth and Space Sciences 
  2. Centre for Cognitive Sciences 
  3. Advanced Centre for Research in High Energy Materials 
  4. Centre for Modelling Simulation and Design 
  5. Centre for Health Psychology 
  6. Special Centre for Integrated Studies

University of Hyderabad Proposed Centres 

  1. Centre for Knowledge Culture and Innovation Studies 
  2. Centre for Endangered Languages & Mother Tongue Studies 
  3. Centre for Buddhist Studies 
  4. Centre for Research and Education in Ageing
  5. Inter University Centre for Comparative Study of Indian Languages & Literature
  6. Centre for the Study of Great Indian Thinkers of our Times
  7. Centre for Foreign Languages 
  8. Centre for Translation and Study of Dalit and Tribal Literature

University of Hyderabad Schools Centres

The University of Hyderabad has following schools to impart Post Graduate education and conducting research work.
  1. School of Mathematics & Computer/Information Sciences
  2. School of Physics
  3. School of Chemistry
  4. School of Life Sciences
  5. School of Humanities
  6. School of Social Sciences
  7. Sarojini Naidu School of Performing Arts, Fine Arts & Communication
  8. School of Management Studies
  9. School of Medical Sciences 
  10. School of Engineering Sciences & Technology
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